Under The Lamp.

The memory pill shone a light beam
through the dark corners of Platos 
thinking who offer ideas propelled 
even more to the different times of
that ran in principle to English teas
the tea circles long history lacking
printing teaching and speaking for
a common approach to civilization 
But refer to found relics arts study 
lacked one thing continuity in my
opinion the lost and showed datas 
history to that factor or destroyed 
is more noticeable being quality’s 
absence of reason what I think is, 
just you cant follow missing links
Gibraltars life like oxygen vessels 
beings may have been the premise 
to or the many other different views
which ran from pew to pew in prayer 
Mars Moon Half Donut magnet shine
or the evilest demonic space diminish 
the playing card in hand of bones and
crosses ghost of ghosts comes alive in
this defense mode the other searching
question the Drones were made carry
sodium gammer defense weaponry wit
special segment was aired on TV for 
public consumption pump up their faith
“ I hope it’s that, I would rather deal with
the realities than the unknown hexagons 
staging claiming their beliefs in the same
keepsake medal of your faith you bequest 
the snowflake it raises itself in prominence 
another's reality in a winter of prominence


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