Washingtons other door, science fiction.

My memory is abuzz with thoughts
like a friendly freight car coming to
stop Washington is the call out the
door they went through another left
the tall hat in the corner last make
leave raised wax hand this in who's
this world in hands do become made
raised the ante indeed to greatest and
lesser how the bread brakes where
from it runs red it breathes discontent
abide a bit the shutters open and close
above the other rooms and roads way
so making things up is in my plan in
drawing attention to rocky and other
mention in disguise the grand master 
the  parade stole along the walkways
like a grinch in what he said listening 
the lone closed window near the ugly
door reason didn’t prevail it remains
closed whispers are gold pallets were
stored others news room “telephone's’
the long list of wrong mail letters that
returned stuck in the mailbox with 
promise of inclusion ditto the mail not
to be returned unreadable in time given
although no rocks were cast the course
a bit more secure and still upstanding 
ditto remains the passing parade update 
food fit and guns the plan to bring anew
with a big G in effect doesn’t buy roses
the character flow is in a unjust period of
crisis where the affront any flanks breathe 
contempt the triangle of hunkering down 
is filled with filings of doubt flash marches
men and woman the sky line blue on blue to
what never is said not in inclusion the long
line cast by the kite alumni had one eye on 
the door of springs window another march's 
winds but always a greener to believe in sort
of short results the Grinch that followed nose
to the bank some banks fail but there is better 
days and banks to turn to at home and away 
the just and unjust remain if only in a picture
with some searches have only words ruins to
measure determine the reason of your call but
the grinch became on leaving another sweeter
imposter men exercising in the rain began the
run avoiding breakfast and the Grinch chicken
stuffing chicken gravy over sliced chicken yum
ran through the wet path to the dry side of the 
room leading to the other side of Washington 
where it never rains of the wealth in fear of it
washing away or restoring its history a crazy
yo yo a part of business unusual I grabbed at
it pointing to a verity of ideas a thread into
NASA/ UFO dialog in featured case chess bid
check the 1/2 donut on mars unspecific fall out
other half crash to mars or earth and the whole
of place crash what I am looking at just that a
vote will risk the challenge or if it has not a big
eye on earth go for it the guy with rubber ducks
is not in our present belief of ideas and my trust
or go up there and climb around in AI satellites 
cable and camera selfie stick what’s in there to
see no astronauts have made the journey why no
near satellite either I believe because of a movie
Dr No or skin game business mentioning or the 
other Washington of course on course.


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