The Kubuki window.

Grinchbe came home sometime ago
Grinchbe I remember speaking about
Purchased a new long dark cape then
called coat and everything in it’s path
Made home a new course and one day
Will not see the Kubuki door and fall
Down into it or course for redemption 
Others have gone that way but hell in a 
Hand bag without mentioning the fact 
Name well earlier time Grinchbe drew a
Line said it was two places above below
And what could we make of it now Glass
Blowing gave a idea not snake charming 
Some are that is glass blowing which can
Shape and reshape glass very difficult art
I love ❤️ the crowd's who wrote the way
Our plays but won’t comment more about
The line drawn except to say all the things
Seen were terribly put together left to find
But the road to be has changed remaining 
Under the Emperors belief or showing the
Newest invention by rail or evil design sic
Rather not my approved gadget the lights R
Shining on a said rolled up coat bit spot on
Once heard and said about natives don’t row
ashore where later came American  skirmish
Time went around the world in other patterns 
Emotions free to worship in lands best ashore
Came to pray freely and die in war unwarned 
about the preambles my hand is a difference R
In your hand's from Hancock and other's think
Was in reason to believe but for the deep under
Lying distrust presumption of innocence throw
Away all the problematics the cause it brought 
In worn reason but what is now and much later
The leadership pacts where ping isn’t pong but
Play a new tennis and hear the coming playing
The orders sparking the border study debate do
Have a change or obvious problem perhaps it’s 
AI older than the change in man’s homily cave
Castle to street of many blocks but nature lately
The exiled discussion of civil states of ruin up
To talking showing what is thought to occurred 
A million years ago or so in others history your
History my history to believe my calendar has 
Beliefs the universe is more than twenty billion
Years old or never knowable more the real age
Of discussion never never known don’t put a
Red circle around it with belief and reason not
Seen and understood perhaps balance has trees
So anything is possible space defense explores 
In my Blog I refer to sci fi fantasy a spilt of it
Touched my lips if as i suspect some ideas are
Wrong I can retreat other halls wisdom a thread
At hand open discourse another is reaching out
To Langley beyond tinker bell technology to the
Window of tomorrow’s ideas not yet released.
I see there is talk around a get out of jail card for
Writ and seize don’t believe it they are vultures 
Not a particular reason to prevail or like so many
Cannot cast their ballots but then going to far like
The report issued no more than five tests for the 
Little Mars Helicopter Ingenuity they at the rodeo
Room took it to make a couple hundred flights at
It appears Americas Dime now it’s broke sadly to
Say propeller accident can be repaired if they send
A robotic arm and replace the propeller or refit the
Whole propeller wasting more and money or just
Continue as is but can only view this one way
Corrupt kind no card for you.
Two Headed Toads yes their two headed toads 
A note about this toad can jump without moments
Notice now obviously they are looking ๐Ÿ‘€ two way
There are even two headed snakes can you imagine
What the cartoon caption may appear like But there
Is no proof available that the Martian ๐Ÿ‘ฝ character
Of the UFO age have two heads rather clever heads 
With walk together talk together fly together kinda
Together well some kind of UFO conspiracy exists 
Do to what I think has been in a two headed radio
Room conspiracy. I am reminded of recently made 
Notes I wrote about Langley and the little machine
Named Ingenuity a thread of ideas I write ✍️ a bit
At a time about giving my RX opinion lot of work
The newer helicopter looks to be repair ready able
Or capable just how capable reset repair replace 
Don’t forget the battery charger duster and phone 
To call home and don’t forget the propeller bring-
ing up NASA. 
I stepped through the door and into the beautiful 
Warmth of the day I had a view of my activities 
The days sun would remain the day and I would
Return at dusk In one of my note books I keep in
Minds reach example a page into history of the 
Star’s returning positions R looking at the off the
Wall conspiracy which General, “G.A. Custer, fall
From grace, IE, Seventh Calvary Army’s group 
Hurried their last dismount when the orbit of stars
Views similar today tomorrow that was yesterdays
Referring to the Little Big Horn thinking thinking 
Temperature raising world temperatures roughly
In peril I squarely believe in a planned exit or a
Very concealed leave other places more hospitable 
The fire shields we are watching is weighing my
Decision bringing about by a so called fire rising
About three to five centuries away that fire cause
A fire it appears in the MilkyWay looking beyond
The precepts of it in outer space is the hand of time
In conjunction into retreating shadows of time.
I refer looking at the picture of this concerning light
It’s climb like a spider in a web with a long reach
Spread out from its lower nipple not withstanding 
Unrooting fodder warming about a rung of increasing 
Growing concern.


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