The Politics of UFOs

Organization requires reason, reasonable 
Things in place you would think you were
Or in the closeness need to visit homes of
Friends family or the talk of more friendly 
Things in todays beer market politics can
Shut off the oil Cit/ation delivery of such 
Example food and beverage are more new
Than was left over sweet animal meat the 
More obvious is locally fallen new to low
Bad in waste ignorance intelligence ruin
Perfect as I think redraw from darkness to
Their liking is another matter between the
 lost times forging hunger wither and fall
To wither itself a lesson in destructive ills
To be continued, I returned not as you are
Which leads all the old lost Roman roads
Being seen removed recovered still stones
Laid by what hands not without the will or
Candor at this junction it seem clearly that
Came the chief Little Water followed by a
Postmen the tax collector the new game of
Table ball more still features UFO stories 
Remain in secret or tall in discussion how
The Reindeer and Santa became the little
Red cape and white bearded jolly happy
Christmas a Saint to children against the
Darkness other dooms outside grey walls
No visitation newest member star anxiety 
A role not wanting to leave the little white
Curtains of Earths Blue Marble. 
The new risks wars appraisal or fleeting
Barometer of reaching the unparalleled 
Leadership thrown down into the pile of
Greater risk but lost the lasting value of
To weather the storm I find unable stand
Count but not against the seasons which 
Come and go without a stop sign light or
In some place attendant sign and hand in
Charge are not received a stop sign light
Resets itself but not reaching the waiting
People in step until the next crossing.
Where T.V. once the hob non of another
Class tv is now πŸ‘€ peeking into phone
Business I think there’s real change soon
Coming in the decade if they can do it
But the cost are expensive takes money 
Time without this that will not work 
The old days there was only a knob for
You to fiddle around and if you didn’t 
Want to hear or see T.V. You turned the
Knob to off and that’s it today I fear all
The advanced electronics hand and desk
Home games liken to space helmet games
Video sports games granted sky cam of not
Upstair downstairs but of Mars Moons πŸŒ“ 
The donut Moon of Mars bring on the UFO
Watch the trailer, fallen dough.


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