The long Walls.

Recalling all other my written comments previously made
In another mode it’s a argument I made with other things
Some clearly made in my mind comparing the glass green
Eye to the other green snake day and night one moment or
This way another with not any crow to bring about day and
Night sometimes called evening and dawn something more
Classic at work one country to another or more to begging
The home wall alias Hadrons Wall a good example was put
Up to separate the social class but on one side and the other
Kept one side from and the other another view to look at it
And try to understand slavery was a great issue then I said
I don’t want to be a slave so in which case I had a decision
To make steal the ball and run the line or just end in a pile
Of squalor many tunes come to mind take more care your
Security go elsewhere so went up Chinas Wall and way of
Tomorrow consorting tour visits then even dirty thoughts
Written seen on the other walls of blood become reason to
Of either slavery or end or final headstone.
The darkness of night swept the walls shadow that seem
To think rose above the height of the wall seeing into the
Nights upper sentinel of stars peering into the mood and
Picking through the leafy dark raise myself in its shadow
Or form it has become mine because I am thou silhouette 
In time for which I have no call as time does and doesn't 
Become not of thee I have become in a age of coming to
The earth I stand is darken little of the walls that in time
Reach all the beliefs I hold true to my hold of life in my
Summation without the gold found in search as only now
Told where the wrong alas I fallen into.
Another prologue walk from Lucy as was opted into talks
Discussions to today seamstress such existed at least for
Current beliefs credence is a view of many many changes
To where we are today none came home with me that truth
But the struggle I faced throughout my course throughout
History are remnant’s ask the questions what became the
Historical content only now science begins to unlock.
The control of home rule in the best of hands now exist to
Argue from another point of view claiming the worse of it
The best and worse both sides engage in arguments previously 
Weren’t in accord were different this is about how unclear it is
Always some part just that the complaint can pick and choose
Can come home altogether it can be as close as the other side
Of the street however money is as thick as blood and what we
See today is just that take this not literally but should I will use
A example the upper New York courts are black justices some
Other court actions are just that dominated to vengeance by a
Few people unfair so when it moves away another story comes
Into picture challenging the New York Market to bring about
Another market in Texas your leaving a free state or vice verse
As the crow flies muck and shuck add this as the weather rings
The bell lost at sea we will see search the wall for evidence from
The Alamo to present weather crisis around Texas and you will
Draw another opinion will either stand to pay the weather tax 
Such is not an isolated view because California is planning a E.V.
Tax per milage.



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