The Moonadron Wall.

The idea of this is certain to be applauded USA one day
Even given one moon lander on its side on the dark side
Of the moon πŸŒ– I see suggestions and drawings of that
On the dark side of the moon the latest suggestion leads
Me to think one day another lifetime tomorrow tomorrow 
Will come tubes connecting to rounded flat bottom spears 
Creating new walls the moons selection of space deputies 
Mentioned within a square sum of outer stars and worlds
New science even I haven’t seen the door appears opening
To this Idea but don’t allow invaders to rule our roost ruin
Our your space center communal science study group my
Guess a AI center on the dark side of the moon which will
Unlock many mysteries on the Moon leading one day same
On Mars congratulations to China πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ Space Administration 
The wall between this side and the other side is progressing 
Along the outer suns and world moons and rocky here to say
What you believe only a few grains of truth are spoken until
The big square are stars know to us as those given numbers
Within the equation of that square like the telephone ☎️ and
One new adventure is a new number from a previous record
Kept bring change new satellite’s or rockets being observed
That’s the story it works against the watchful Martians eyes πŸ‘€ 
But they have their own tale capable of great injury to the 🌏 
Railroad trains one time had front car shielding its run so for
Its first there is always error last is that creative doom to say
But the badges of honor not family heirlooms woks are how
To one day another achieve some kinda luck or funny story
Or no can trust lot of excuses picking thru the sky-dome and
Looking for answers their jobs to understand best will come
Last real success but first shake hands study the ruins on seas
Bottom remain lost terms a sum I cannot believe was thought
Then of course the wall I make way about carries the sounds
Of thunder the last Marathon or just ventriloquism remember
In which case I will return to horse and crown your master of
Ceremony with my portfolio. On Mars the ups and down are
Tracking things at hundred snakes pace of odd very peculiar 
Line in the sand in looking for the little nest to part it’s ways
Their sandy pebbles but sand has no intelligence less the grain
Left in little windy tunnels of time or CIA becoming a delirium 
Of sort with the addition of AI robots brought from who knows
Where it came about on Earth except perpetual storm and water
A ingrain life with such like grainy particles the things touching
The surface trying out the where about to carry and leave sandy
Agents or agents of inner Santorum sarcasm and this Mars has
It’s own rule like the question that Mars presents will it school
Inanimate life forms agent verse agent digging deep or as rules
Persist the COVID trials coming up. 
But beneath this wall all love πŸ’• is quenched I think about you
Where day and night are one half your and half mine another
Poet said something, I am thou today, The beauty of a rose
None more than you in this day and hour  my read as the 🌹 rose
In garden became you and your hand how do I tell my joy of heart
Mine so distant revolves about your beauty and love thou be it love
You as I see only in essence of time are such a moment has gained
In time from heaven our moment does brings greatness but reveal
The stars shine ever as you lift your eyes fill all the beauty missing
From not ever lost or place or other words you truly are in birth and
Thou became the wishing fountain love birds speak your love charms
“A poem from beneath the wall to Kaylee.”
I awoke from dream they cannot see thru fog eyes that look upon us
There just dark days highlands lowlands and dark lands border posts 
To another kind walls to speakeasy's where knock to enter yesterday
Fled from all the faces looking at me inside out the noise deafening 
Once Clancy room board from the card I took with my hand in leave 
The sign led up the stair to the other enter below from which I left a
Shoe my phone read the highly looked for channel thousand and one
Dots blinking on and off ten moments in time the wall a distraction I
Wonder it did not persuade me it shut down or hit the wall head way
On to the wall crashed the computer then died the phones resurrection 
Is wait and watch I brought no air tire fix I thought of the crying voice
I made recent to think will return some people rule with a lucky thumb
Or so which may seek around another way in the high yellow stormy 
Hills climb in days and night away I shall ride it out in coming day to
Avail the borrowed green giants fall to whiter ends not answering any
“That where died the boatman in white decline naked arrow and stick
In hand of another time, (C) 
I place in my book πŸ“• of memorable days but not greater then the one
We ware thru thick and thin as the truth bares rarest our rose become
Rarer worldly charm hold forever in arms, return to arms.
The phone I mentioned began to lite receiving a transmission, went to
Save adjusting my head set and eye ware and inferred πŸŸͺ purple square
I am somewhere within that square space into my saved transmissions
AI or IA not M other examples like screwing in a lite bulb to thank you
I write in private to others and others put out a draft recognition reply are
The order of the day except the wall muffle the signals or a active open
Line receiver near listening or sending last position think carefully ahead 
Lies the green eye spinning around about trying to locate my radio πŸ“» 
Position sometime is thought the left hand doesn’t know the right moment
To call ☎️ the worse of it the once said made bubbles of the older radio
Sets how important are these types of transmissions still even a bit secret
As to code breaking sending exists I don’t want to rely on old has been but
Archeologists best success uncover classic history so the wall sorta glides
Thru the moment cracked all code or wall climbing to out of the trenches
The battle between freedom and tyranny spoken about by President Biden
Came through while searching my radio, looking back at history the next
I think is the battle of the other monumental day summers slumber winters
Gain is trying to engage the Russian Soldiers units in Syria breaking the
Bread in two parts or trying to divide the war into another front with Israel
Into a larger mideast war no sooner than thinking this I hear what sounds
To be many crossings along the nights wall-come and go or away there have
Been rain and wash outs most recent, I can’t see what’s coming next but to
Wait then of course the southern borders taking notice, next it will become
The bush people and kangaroo talk while news flashes the CIA is prepared
To expose the white wash position of the Gaza War from silence to harden 
Ignorance of the governments involved meaning no to human justification 
Continued genocide the hands of all involved at best presently submitted 
One under rubble the other on top of tanks children πŸ‘€ searching in ashes 
Rubble for life’s bread life itself truth written in American πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ press today
The hand out must be blessed returned by water air not fall on unrecognized 
Cries or interruption not to the grainy wall of segregation beyond.



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