The Walls Epitaph.

I see the world 🌎 in a different what was known once
Under sword time and beauty written through the pens 
Of writers of art and music stone monuments of then all
The grandeur of many bygones written now lay in earths
Other depths of history only the strong persisted even the
Stone in deep green or pledge remain until the kite of time
With streaming red red tails sought to embrace earth came
And went what that was remain deep secret but the snake 
The tree it sought to slink around its branches with opened 
Mouth grasped upon the sleeping giant of time the fill and
Fall of age where now the walls crumbled hand lie is seen
I see your names all bearing its roses and crosses of reason
Day and night divided what came yours say now this day
Change of the hour place where history ran red with blood 
None forfeited its places ran on to rusted colors to none at
All but the colors in the sky will always be open and close
Or shut to open arms close in earth engraved atop this hill.
The morning came about again I watched it turn the page
To you and all of you I seem remembered recalled all your
Perfect way is written in the stars and thru the trail it made
By all that went on the stars kept pace others in holy hand
Left deeply their emotions in places never before known
The wall began with trowel stone and mix I saw πŸ‘€ atop
Reach becoming a church within where much was done and
Undone I bid you love many times over where fair was made
And never broke ranks where the wind rose not to other force
Or lay down to neither but calm the day it was that way and
Went was said once upon a time stories never change resolve
Their actions or made of fiction the taste of water and change
Into wine the thirst for truth.


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